Yes we do Coffee!

We started life as the Cornish Tea Company and our Tea was so popular we were asked to do some 

We started life as The Cornish Tea Company and our Tea was so popular we were asked to do some equally delicious Coffee, so we did and we became The Cornish Tea & Cornish Coffee Co Ltd. (We don’t like to complicated things)! We have five varieties of our scrumptious ground filter coffee, one for every pallet and time of day.

The Original.  Medium roast. Strength number 3.

‘Smooth & Nutty – Just like us!’

With our Original blend we have mixed the best coffees from Latin America, Africa and East Asia. The Original is a well- rounded, luscious coffee for all to enjoy.

The flavour is complex with honey and vanilla undertones and a roasted peanut malty finish….yum!


Colombian smooth. Medium light roast. Strength number 3.

‘Smooth as silk with a naughty little kick’

Colombia is widely known for some of the best Arabica coffee beans in the world. This pack contains 100% premium ground Colombian coffee, blended for a smooth, medium finish with hints of nuts and a light citrus undertone… Delicious!


Italian style. Dark roast. Strength number 4.

‘Delicious and punchy, with a stallion strength finish’

Italian blend coffees are based on Italy’s historic passion for strong, dark-roast coffee.

The quality blend of coffee beans from Latin America and Africa is strong in body, has a molasses type sweetness and a chocolatey, toasty finish.


Stupidly strong. Dark roast.

‘Toe curling, eye watering, volcano erupting loveliness’

This is not for the faint hearted, in this pack is a blend of some of the strongest coffees known to man! We have even put warnings on the bag but you took no notice and went ahead and bought it anyway!! So its over to you now, all the best and good luck!


Delightful Decaf. Medium roast. Strength 1.

Natural process, true flavour.. No jitters!

For our Delightful Decaf we have used a blend of 100% quality Arabica beans from Latin America. Unlike most decaf coffees our beans are decaffeinated using traditional natural carbon dioxide process and not by using a load of nasty solvents and horrible things normally reserved for cleaning your windows!

Our process simply takes out the caffeine whilst leaving in all the nutrients and scrumptious coffee flavour.. Great stuff!



Now you know about these lovely little bags of joy, what is the best way to make a cup I hear you ask?


Add 1 dessertspoon per person to your favourite cafetiere. ( Scientifically the bigger the noggin the bigger the spoonful)!

Add approx. 250ml of freshly boiled water per person. Wait a moment for the water to come off the boil as you may burn the granules. No one likes a burnt granule now do they?!

Stir and lightly cover with plunger. Now control yourself, let’s just hold back and be patient and let it brew for 4 minutes before ‘taking the plunge’!




Now pour, sit back and enjoy your cup of tasty Cornish Coffee!