15 x Strawberry and White Tea Fusion Bags...

15 Strawberry and White Tea Fusion Bags

15 x Strawberry and White Tea Fusion Bags

I know what you’re thinking, madness right? Why combine the delicate premium leaves of White Tea with the bold flavours of strawberry and chilli? Prepare to be amazed, with careful balancing, it works surprisingly well.

The ever so gentle ‘kick’ of chilli lifts the natural fruity sweetness and give the posh tea leaves an edge.

This exceptional quality tea, known in the business as ‘Silvery Tip Pekoe’ uses the top tips and buds plucked from the bush on the brink of opening. Naturally lower in caffeine than green tea, this is a deliciously brave blend for the adventurous drinker that also likes a good night’s sleep.

15 Fuso bags 

So what is a fusion bag?

The clever little "Fusion Bags" that are holding this delicious brew are new fangled bio-mas bags made from 100% biodegradable corn-strach and they biodegrade within 2 months!

The pyramid shape allows the carefully chosen, larger cut leaves room to brew, resulting in a more flavourful expeiriencefor you. Your choice of classy, sassy brew now has a new accessory.. and who doesnt love a new bag!