15 x Cornish Breakfast Organic Fusion Bags...

Cornish Breakfast

15 x Cornish Breakfast Organic Fusion Bags

For a Tea Lover there is nothing like that first cuppa in the morning…and loose leaf is the best…but who has time for that on a week day? You do! This brilliantly blended brew is loose leaf quality in a clever little bag.

A typical breakfast tea is made from the brightest and boldest varieties to get you going and set you up for the day and this one is no exception. Using leaves from different regions of Africa, (your common or garden blend typically uses mostly Indian), this cheery blend of generously cut leaves ooze flavour and oomph and will start your day with a smile.

Now your ‘loose leaf’ is no longer confined to the kitchen…take it with you and enjoy it all day.

Contents 15 Fusion Bags 

So what is a fusion bag?

The clever little "Fusion Bags" that are holding this delicious brew are new fangled bio-mas bags made from 100% biodegradable corn-strach and they biodegrade within 2 months!

The pyramid shape allows the carefully chosen, larger cut leaves room to brew, resulting in a more flavourful expeiriencefor you. Your choice of classy, sassy brew now has a new accessory.. and who doesnt love a new bag!