15 x Green Tea and Coconut Organic Fusion...

Green Tea and Coconut Organic Fusion Bags

15 x Green Tea and Coconut Organic Fusion

Something about coconut puts you in mind of warmer climes and on first opening this packet the aroma will whisk you far away.

Whilst the coconut isn’t ‘shy’ it adds a natural sweetness and doesn’t overpower the earthy notes of the lush green leaves, a very complimentary cocktail that will transport you somewhere tropical even on the dullest day.

Want the whole cabana? Pour over ice add a chunk of pineapple, a slice of lime and go on then…one of those little umbrellas….holiday in a glass! Great served alongside your Thai or Indian curry.

Contents 15 Fusion bags 

Biodegradable and organic 

So what is a fusion bag?

The clever little "Fusion Bags" that are holding this delicious brew are new fangled bio-mas bags made from 100% biodegradable corn-strach and they biodegrade within 2 months!

The pyramid shape allows the carefully chosen, larger cut leaves room to brew, resulting in a more flavourful expeiriencefor you. Your choice of classy, sassy brew now has a new accessory.. and who doesnt love a new bag!