120 Mint Organic Fusion Bags with Bamboo Jar...

120 Mint Organic Fusion Bags with Bamboo Jar

120 Mint Organic Fusion Bags with Bamboo Jar

120 x Mint Fusion Bags

Mint has long been associated with being a ‘refresher’of sorts, breath mainly, but these versatile herbal leaves will also aid digestion and act as an antibacterial for your body.

This delightful infusion will definitely put a ‘pep in your step’, it has a smooth almost chocolatey start with a slightly astringent fresh finish. A common offering in Morrocan homes as a token of hospitality and friendship and sweetened with sugar whilst brewing in the pot, nothing inspires confident conversation like minty fresh breath.

Good at any time of the day as naturally caffeine free, brew a cup, go forth and impress with your pleasantly fragrant witty banter.

Contents 120 fusion bags 

Biodegradable and Organic 

So what is a fusion bag?

The clever little "Fusion Bags" that are holding this delicious brew are new fangled bio-mas bags made from 100% biodegradable corn-strach and they biodegrade within 2 months!

The pyramid shape allows the carefully chosen, larger cut leaves room to brew, resulting in a more flavourful expeiriencefor you. Your choice of classy, sassy brew now has a new accessory.. and who doesnt love a new bag!