Iced Tea Recipes

Swap your warm cuppa for something refreshing this summer. Using our Smugglers Brew, Fusions and Loose Leaf teas we've got some recipes your sure to love. 

Smugglers Brew Iced Tea

Using your Smugglers Brew teabags lets make a refreshing drink and mix it up. 

Iced Tea Image


1. Add 6 teabags to a jug and top with 1.5 litres of boiling water. We would recommend adding 2 tablespoons of sugar and a squeeze of honey to take out the bitterness. 

2. Add to the fridge and leave to completely chill. 

3. To a glass fill with ice and lemon or orange slices and pour over your iced tea. 

4. Sit back and enjoy. 


Fusion Iced Tea

A fruity infusion, our fusion teas can be enjoyed hot or cold. Choose from 13 different flavours. 

Fruit Iced Tea


1. Add a 4 fusion teabags to a 1l jug and top with 3/4 jug boiling water. 

2. Leave to brew for 10 minutes and then top with cold water. 

3. To a glass add ice and fruit garnish of your choice. 

4. Pour your iced fusion tea over the ice and enjoy your refreshing drink. 



Loose Leaf Iced Tea

This one needs a little bit of pre-planning but is well worth it for the taste!

Loose Leaf Iced Tea


1. To an infusion jug or regular jug add your chosen loose leaf tea. Top with boiling water and leave to steep. 

2. Pop your jug in the fridge and leave overnight. The filter out your loose leaf tea so you're left with the concentrate.  

3. Top your glass up with ice, garnish with your fruit of choice and pour over your cold infused loose leaf tea. 



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