Gift Boxed selection hamper is the perfect gift to give a sample of the Cornish Tea & Coffee range.


Smugglers Brew  80’s packs x 2

Original blend 227g ground Coffee x 1

  • Medium roast ground coffee. Rain Forrest alliance certified “Smooth and Nutty-just like us!”

Italian blend 227g ground coffee x 1

  • Cornish Gold Italian Blend. Rain Forrest Alliance Certified. Filter & Cafetiere. Dark Roast Ground Coffee. Rich with a hint of chocolate. “So delicious you’ll want to spread it on your toast”

Stupidly Strong blend 227g ground coffee x 1

  • Stupidly Strong, for those of you who like the kick of great coffee without losing the flavour.

Delightful Decaf  blend 227g ground coffee x 1

  • Without going into the scientific way we do it..we compress Carbon Dioxide until its liquid then push it through the green beans under pressure until the decaffeinated part of the coffee has gone, the beauty is that we don’t remove the lovely flavour or essential oils, we use carbon dioxide and nothing else!!

So you can be sure that your drinking lovely decaffeinated Cornish Coffee… Gorgeous coffee with no chemicals!! And the possibility that millions of people won’t get headaches from drinking Decaffeinated coffee, as long as they drink Cornish




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Flat fee delivery of £20. Delivery may take up to 7 days.

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