The Rise of Coffee Beans

Few things make us as happy as the smell and taste of a cup of freshly ground coffee. Being one of the first companies to import and hand roast coffee in Cornwall, has kept us ahead of the game. Not only are we in control of the process, but we can react quickly to our growers' and customers' needs which means that our roasted beans are never more than three weeks old when delivered, guaranteeing optimal freshness and flavour. Consistency is extremely important to us and that’s why we only import from Guatemala, Brazil and Colombia. We bring it back to the UK as green beans and roast it here in Cornwall with our state of the art roaster.

Wreckers Roast Coffee Beans

Our Wreckers Roast is a unique blend of Arabica Beans from Brazil and Asia. We import the raw coffee beans (or ‘Green’ as it’s know in the trade) to Cornwall, then roast and blend them to our exclusive Cornish Coffee blend profile, thus ensuring every single cup is consistent and delicious.

Utter nonsense?…See for yourself.

Cornish Coffee Gold Premium Roast Coffee Beans

Sealed in these bags are our premium roast coffee beans from some of the finest estates in Guatamala and Brazil. Rich and smooth with a pleasant caramel mouthfeel, finishing off with a lingering orange citrus and toasted pecan aftertaste,

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