Strawberry, Chilli & White Tea - 15 Fusion Bags

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For a Tea Lover there is nothing like that first cuppa in the morning and loose leaf is the best but who has time for that on a week day? You do, with our fusion bags! We know what you're thinking, madness right? Why combine the delicate premium leaves of White Tea with the bold flavours of strawberry and chilli? Prepare to be amazed, with careful balancing, it works surprisingly well. The ever so gentle kick of chilli lifts the natural fruity sweetness and give the posh tea leaves an edge. Ingredients: 55% White Tea, 29% Strawberry Leaves, 3% Chilli Pepper, 7% Strawberry Pieces, 6% Natural Flavour Type Strawberry. Includes: 15 Freshly Sealed Fusion Teabags.