Our Guide to Cornish Cream Teas

Now there's always a little bit of controversy over the Cream Tea, but as voices of Cornwall we're here to set it straight and make sure you celebrate National Cream Tea day (24th June) the Cornish way... proper job! So make yourself a Smugglers Brew and let's get cracking.

First, you've got to start with a nice fluffy scone, if we had to pick our favourite it would be from our friends around the corner at Original Looe Bakery. Then, now it's VERY IMPORTANT you don't get this wrong it's time for jam! Jam first is essential, we don't want a Devon Cream Tea, we like our Cornish jam from Boddington's Berries. Top your jam with some indulgent clotted cream, we'll leave whether you choose Roddas or Trewithen Dairy up to you!  If you'd like you can top your scone, jam and cream with a strawberry, makes it look fancy and tastes great! 

The final step, and most important in our eyes... the tea! Boil the kettle and pour yourself a pot of Smugglers Brew, made in Cornwall you really are finishing your Cornish Cream Tea off with the proper stuff! 

If you're treating yourself to a Cornish Cream Tea please tag our Facebook or Instagram so we can check you made it the Cornish way. Happy National Cream Tea Day.