10 years today

From a small desk in a attic bedroom to multiple offices, a production facility and warehouses. Cornish tea came from humble beginnings.

                                       In 2012 the idea was founded and very quickly created with the what we all know as the “orange box” or smugglers brew. Rapidly as that rose the demand grew bigger for coffee, so during 2014 Duncan created numerous ground coffee flavours

 2019 the business decided to put there money into a coffee roaster and we are now one of a few companies in the UK that roast there own coffee beans, bag them and send them out to suppliers

Then Covid Hit. What do you want to do in the time of the unknown ?  Drink tea. So we invested in a IMA ( this is a fancy word for a tea bag making machine ) this grew our company at an extremely fast paced whilst the staff were working all throughout lockdown to supply every one their tea and coffee.

Now to the present day our company have achieved a whole range of flavoured fusion and loose leaf tea, Hot chocolate, Bond Espresso machine, compostable coffee pods and lots more. We are so exited to see what the future holds for us and  have lots of ideas to see the business expand.